Loretta Chin graduated from Brooklyn College of The City University of New York in June 2013 (Summa Cum Laude) with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and minors in TV/Radio and Children’s Studies. She is currently seeking a full-time position in a field that is compatible with her skills, interests and experience.

The articles she wrote as a reporter for the Brooklyn News Service are republished on this site with a connecting link to the original site.  She also works as an independent journalist on several ongoing projects.

Loretta is employed as a research coordinator at the Children’s Studies Center at Brooklyn College and is the conference coordinator of the Child Policy Forum of New York, a symposium and a national consultation.  She is also the managing editor of eight related publications.

Nine of Loretta’s print publications have appeared in the Brooklyn College Excelsior Student Newspaper where she also served as its former news editor. She was a news correspondent for the Sex and Politics Radio show on WBCR radio, 1090am radio; articles written for the show also appear on this site.

During a summer 2012 internship, she was a research assistant to Wayne Barrett at Newsweek/The Daily Beast and The Nation Institute. She worked on articles for the 2012 presidential election and has research assistant credits that appear at the end of the following articles published in The Nation, The Daily Beast, Mother Jones, and Alternet:

Mitt Romney Visits Subsidized Farms, Knocks Big Government Spending

Did Mitt Romney Help Lake Michigan’s Polluters?

“I Couldn’t Love Him More”: How Romney Steered a Key Olympic Project to a Friend

Mitt Romney, Monsanto Man

How Mitt Romney and Bain Helped Grow Monsanto Into a Biotech Giant

She is a current founding board member of the Asian American/Asian Research Institute of The City University of New York

Loretta is capable, creative and productive, and is able to bring people together to work on important projects.

Learn more:  http://www.linkedin.com/in/lorettachin

Follow her on Twitter @chinloretta


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